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06. Cobblebot Caper - 167670
07. Gotham City rush - 161647
08. Batman Brawl - 149725
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Batman ChaseThe Scarecrows R...Batman Revolutio...
Batman PuzzleDangerous Buildi...Batman Brawl
Batman Differenc...Batman The ChaseHeat Of The Nigh...
Batman Games
Batman Chase Batman Chase
Help Batman to get rid of the Giant Spiders from Gotham City
The Scarecrows Revenge The Scarecrows Revenge
Jump, slide, kick, punch, batarang, collect, move, enjoy!
Batman Revolutions Batman Revolutions
Fight Aliens to save Gotham city. Use weapons and attack wisely.
Batman Puzzle Batman Puzzle
Solve Batman Puzzles.
Dangerous Buildings Dangerous Buildings
Jump from cog to cog. Beware of electricity and collect coins.
Batman Brawl Batman Brawl
Choose your opponent and punch your way to victory. Needs quick reflex movements.
Batman Difference Detector Batman Difference Detector
find the difference between the real and fake batman.
Batman The Chase Batman The Chase
Pursue the Joker who is littering Gotham city
Heat Of The Night Heat Of The Night
Rescue Green Arrow who has been investigating space pirate Kanjar Ro's plan to accelerate global warming through a device that he has made.
Batman Underground Batman Underground
Batman fighting game underground.
Batman Boxing Batman Boxing
Box your way to glory with Batman!
Batman Fights Batman Fights
Exciting Batman fighting games!
Sky Creeper Sky Creeper
The joker has trapped Batman between two skyscrapers. The construction materials thrown at him must be used for his benefit to climb and get the Joker
Batman Dressup Batman Dressup
Have fun changing costumes for batman!
Dynamic Double Team Dynamic Double Team
Batman must battle space pirates and you have to help him to do to save the entire planet.
Run Run Batman Run Run Batman
Hollywood's Batman is on the run for running his mouth at his mother! You've got to help him!
Color Batman Color Batman
Use a fancy brush to make Batman colorful
Ice Cold Getaway Ice Cold Getaway
Avoid the icebergs and collect diamonds to advance through levels.
Paint Batman Paint Batman
What would you like Batman to be like? Here is your chance to paint him as you want to.
Batman And Mr Freeze Batman And Mr Freeze
Mr Freeze is trying to take over Gotham City with his powerful ice making machine. Be careful of his ice rays but you have to save the city.
Total Blackout Total Blackout
Help batman foil the Joker's plan to set the city in total darkness by destroying the power plant.
Cobblebot Caper Cobblebot Caper
There has been a robbery at the bank. Batman has to go to the rescue.
Batwoman Batwoman
Batman has to save the mysterious batwoman! Who is she? Find out as you play the game.
Batman Dog Game Batman Dog Game
Fly on your rocket and shoot at obstacles!
Gotham City rush Gotham City rush
Good animation and game play. Do stunts freely!
The Joker Soundboard The Joker Soundboard
Listen to the most memorable quotes from The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: The Rooftop Caper Batman: The Rooftop Caper
Defeat enemies and overcome obstacles using attack and batarangs. Enjoy!

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